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Spray's Termite, Pest Control & Insulation's family owned and operated company has been serving North Alabama and Southern Tenesse since 1993. Please contact us for all of your pest control needs.
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In order to enroll in convenience pay (CPAY), you will need to check the box below before continuing to our secure log in page. View our FAQ for additional information about Convenience Pay. When you enroll in CPAY, you authorize Spray's Termite, Pest Control & Insulation to withdraw pay for themselves upon completing the service or invoice requested.

Convenience Pay FAQ

Q. Is ConveniencePay (CPay) a voluntary program?

A. Yes. When you continue to our Secure Payment Page, choose either Enroll me or Not today from the drop down list. In addition to helping us limit our environmental footprint, CPay Enrollment eliminates the need to re-enter information as future invoices come due & payable.
Q. Is Convenience Pay (CPay) a voluntary Is my payment information safe?

A. Yes. Your payment data is encrypted upon submission and stored on a secure server. No one, including our staff, has access to your sensitive payment information.
Q. Is it safe to pay by ACH Debit (eCheck)?

A. Yes. ACH payments (eChecks) use the same secure network that financial institutions, businesses, and governments use to send and receive payments. No one has access to your data; making eChecks more secure than paper checks.
Q. What proof of payment do I receive?

A. You receive automatic email confirmation of each payment provided you furnish a valid email address. In addition; our system maintains accurate records of all transactions. Transaction history is available when required.
Q. What if I wish to cancel my enrollment in CPay?

A. You may discontinue your CPay Enrollment at anytime. Please provide notice by mail or email to the address posted on our Secure Payment Page, allowing us a minimum of ten (10) business days to update your customer record
Q. Can I change my payment method after enrollment?

A. Yes. Please contact us by phone at 256-828-5934 to change your payment method